Dental care has changed DRAMATICALLY in the past few years. We can do things now that we could only dream of a few short years ago.  Pain, discomfort and restorations that fall apart shortly after they are done are a thing of the past. Things like computerized anesthesia to laser gum therapy have made dental visits comfortable and worry free. We are fanatical about keeping up with the latest technology and advances in dental care to pass the benefits on to our valued guests. No one should fear going to the dentist anymore or think that losing their teeth is inevitable! Now that dental technology has removed these barriers the only thing anyone should worry about is which dental office is the right one for them. There's really only one way to find out. We'd like you to come meet us in person to discuss your dental health at absolutely no cost to you and no obligation. Only then can you decide if we are the dental office you are looking for. There will be no sales pitch. We won't tell you all sorts of scary things that might happen to you if you don't let us fix your teeth. We WILL give you honest answers to your questions and discuss all the options available to you (even if the best option for you is one that we can't offer you in our office) to give you a healthy mouth that feels good and a smile that looks great for a lifetime. We'll even give you a free video tour of your mouth. Come meet us!

If you would like to make a reservation for  your own complementary personal smile consultation or schedule a time to meet Dr. Bingham, please call (801)532-SMILE or e-mail us at For a map with directions to our office location, please click on the word MAP